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Have you been contacted by a Canada Revenue Agency tax auditor?

An audit by the CRA is a review of a taxpayer’s records to ensure that their tax returns accurately reflect the taxes owed and all filing and payment obligations are met. Taxpayers should seek professional representation immediately upon receiving any correspondence from the CRA.

The experienced tax professionals at Jeremy Scott Tax Law will be your guide though the government auditing process. We will also be your representation to the tax authorities, handle any queries levied by them, and see your CRA audit through to its completion.

To learn more about our government audit services, reach out to Jeremy Scott Tax Law.

We can help you deal with Canadian tax authorities

Anytime a person or business is audited, it is a stressful and confusing time. That is why you need representation that understands the ins and outs of the CRA auditing process and that will make sure your rights are upheld. We will help you deal with tax authorities so you can go about your daily business.

How we help individuals and businesses handle Canada government audits:

Assist with the government audit.

Jeremy Scott Tax Law will communicate with the government on your behalf and supply them all the necessary information they need to conduct your audit. We will also serve as your watchdog to protect your rights and ensure the government doesn’t prosecute you unfairly.

Filing objections to previously completed government audits.

We all make mistakes, including the government. If you feel a recent government audit was unwarranted or their findings unfounded, our team will file an object on your behalf. Audits are scary and stressful, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid appealing them as is your right. Let Jeremy Scott Tax Law handle the filing of your objection to a previously completed audit.

Reviewing historical tax filings for accuracy.

If you believe you have made an error in your historical tax filings, our team will conduct a forensic review of your previous tax filings. If we can find an error before the government does, we may be able to prevent an audit by filing the necessary correction and payment.

Filing amended returns to correct past errors and omissions.

The government doesn’t want to spend the time and money auditing you if it doesn’t have to. If you believe you have made a past error in your tax return, Jeremy Scott Tax Law will file your amended return to correct past errors and omissions in order to prevent or stop an audit.

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