Indirect Tax Advice

I am a Canadian tax lawyer helping clients understand the application of sales tax and providing tax audit support. 

In Canada the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a 5% value added tax that applies to most transactions.  The four Atlantic Provinces and Ontario have joined forces with the federal government to create the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) at 13% or 15%. Quebec has “Quebec Sales Tax” which is similar in application to the federal GST. 

British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have provincial “retail sales taxes” which apply in addition to the federal GST.

Most provinces also impose other specific taxes as well.  These taxes apply to a wide range of products including alcohol, tobacco, hotel rooms, cannabis, gasoline, carbon tax and insurance.

For example I help clients understand how tax applies on real estate or business transfers and corporate reorganizations.  I also prepare legal opinions, assist with tax audits and explain licensing and registration requirements.

Sales Tax Advice

I can help you understand when to collect or pay GST/HST or any of the other sales taxes applicable in Canada.

Recovery of Over-Paid Taxes

I believe every organization should pay their fair share of taxes, but not one penny more!  I can determine if you have over-paid taxes, or missed opportunities to claim sales tax credits on your previously filed tax returns.

Government Audit Defense

Have you been contacted by a government tax auditor?  Don’t know where to start?   I can represent you during the audit so you don’t have to face the tax authorities on your own.

Next Steps…

If you have sales tax concerns or would like to know more about recovering over-paid taxes reach out today to discuss how I can help.