Jeremy Scott Tax Law

Tax Recovery Services

We believe every organization should pay their fair share of taxes, but not a penny more!

If you have overpaid taxes or missed opportunities to claim sales tax credits on your previously-filed tax returns, Jeremy Scott Tax Law can review relevant Canadian tax laws and recover money for you. With the complexities related to indirect taxes and today’s accounting systems, we know that errors will happen. We work with you to help correct processes and prevent ongoing errors and to ensure that you are not leaving money behind—money that can be invested back into your business.

Indirect Tax Recover Review

Our Indirect Tax Recovery Review is a comprehensive, risk-free engagement, designed to maximize refunds related to GST, HST, PST and payroll taxes.

Our experienced team combines the efficiency of data analysis with over 20 years of indirect tax knowledge to provide you with a review that goes beyond identifying the “low hanging fruit.”

Our tax recovery process

Step 1: Collect Information

If you feel like you are paying more on your taxes than you should, then you probably are. You may not realize that you are eligible for deductions and credits, or you have miscalculated your Canadian tax burden. Our team is here to help!

We can help reduce your tax burden by analyzing years of past tax returns from any province in Canada with precision to return any unpaid dollar to your business. Let our seasoned professionals collect information for your case in order to legally and ethically return your hard-earned money back to you from the government.

Step 2: Identify, Validate, and Quantify

After you hire Jeremy Scott Tax Law for tax recovery, it is our job to identify potential errors in your past tax returns, validate the findings, and then quantify what you are owed in recovery from the Canadian government.

The Canadian tax system can be difficult to navigate and errors are easy to make. These errors, even small ones, can be costly. Think of our free tax recovery services as an audit in reverse: we will audit your tax returns for overpayments so you can recover the money you may deserve.

Step 3: Document Returns

Jeremy Scott Tax Law will not only analyze your returns for potential recovery opportunities, we will also serve as your representation to the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). We will prepare and submit all of the necessary documentation for your tax recovery and follow up until it is approved by CRA and you are issued your refund.

We will also be responsible for responding to any queries from tax authorities related to the refund claims. Jeremy Scott Tax Law will be on your side throughout the tax recovery process.

Step 4: Final Report, Training, and Value Added Services

Once you or your organization is issued your refund from CRA, our job does not end there. We will draw up a final report on your case that includes information to help you avoid Canadian tax errors in the future. Our team will also go a step further by conducting a complimentary training session for you and your staff and completing a “health check” that focuses on potential compliance issues. 

We can provide the necessary support your organization needs to remain up to date on current tax law in order to prevent issues in the future. 

If your business needs help being proactive with your sales tax, reach out to Jeremy Scott Tax Law.