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Do you know what rate of GST/HST to charge on your sales? Do you understand when sales can be made on a tax free basis?  What about when you are required to register for provincial sales taxes like the Quebec Sales Tax, or the Manitoba Retail Sales Tax?  Not handling Canadian Sales Tax properly can result in a tax audit and a significant tax bill!

Jeremy Scott Tax Law | Jeremy Scott Law

A Process Review is a ‘Health Check’ of your organization’s  processes relating to sales tax – to make sure you aren’t exposing your company to unnecessary tax risk


Jeremy Scott Tax Law | Jeremy Scott Law

If you have a specific tax issue, or are facing a tax audit, we can help in those areas as well.



Jeremy Scott Tax Law | Jeremy Scott Law

Claiming tax credits puts cash directly into your company’s bank account.  Let us ensure you aren’t missing any available tax credits!

Stop Worrying About GST/HST and Other Indirect Taxes

A GST/HST Process Review is a great way to minimize tax risk and identify cash savings!

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Jeremy Scott Law

Jeremy Scott is a Canadian Tax Lawyer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada  and is focused on helping clients address Canadian Indirect taxes like the GST/HST, Provincial Sales Tax and other commodity taxes.

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