Have You Received A GST/HST Audit After Already Being Audited For Income Tax?

Sales taxes, like the Goods and Services Tax and the Harmonized Sales Tax, are heavily relied upon by governments to generate revenue. As a result, business that survive an income tax or other audit often receive notice of a GST/HST tax audit. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) often uses risk assessment algorithms to audit businesses. […]

PSB Challenges When Providing Services Through A Corporation

A personal services business (PSB) is any person who provides services through a corporation rather than performing those services directly to the company as an employee. These services are usually those that an officer or employee would perform. A personal services business is also known as an “incorporated employee.” While the concept of a PSB […]

Is PayPal Income Taxable In Canada?

In 2017, the Federal Court of Canada ruled in favor of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), enabling them to acquire information from PayPal concerning its business account holders. Many individuals use PayPal, especially those operating online businesses, to easily and safely process payments. When individuals receive money through PayPal, it is necessary for them to […]

Hidden Taxes On Canadian Airline Tickets

Canada is infamous for having some of the most expensive flight prices in the world. There are a few factors that contribute to these high prices, including multiple types of taxes on Canadian airline tickets. Consumers should understand the taxes that are included in these airfares and how they can drastically raise the price of […]

A Guide To Taxation Of Cryptocurrencies In Canada

Although cryptocurrency has been around for several years now, it is still surrounded in mystery. Many people do not understand what cryptocurrency is, how it is mined, how it is traded, and how to treat it for tax purposes. The taxation of cryptocurrencies in Canada is particularly complex because they may differ in tax treatments […]

Are You Entitled to Claim Input Tax Credits?

Businesses in Canada can generally claim input tax credits to recover the Goods and Services Tax (GST) or the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) incurred in the course of a ‘commercial activity’. Companies that paid the GST/HST may be eligible to claim credits which reduce their total taxes due. Learn more about these credits and find […]

Degree Granting Institutions and Charging GST/HST

Taxes can be confusing in Canada, especially with certain types of taxes applying to transactions in some situations and not applying in others. Consumers and businesses alike are affected by the tax regime in Canada. Universities must be aware of their own special tax treatment, such as the fact that most undergraduate or associate degree […]

Can You Outsource Canadian Sales Tax Compliance?

Many organizations are concerned about complying with relevant tax laws. One such concern is complying with Canada’s wide array of sales taxes. Some choose to outsource such compliance matters to a third party. If you are considering outsourcing Canada sales tax, consider contacting an experienced tax lawyer at Jeremy Scott Law first by calling (902) […]

GST/HST On Real Estate In Canada

When purchasing real property in Canada, it is important to be aware of how taxes may apply to the purchase price. Various taxes are involved in these purchases, including Goods and Services Tax (GST) or Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) in certain provinces. GST/HST taxes are also relevant to several other real estate matters, not just […]

The New Luxury Sales Tax In Canada

The new luxury sales tax in Canada was approved by the country’s Parliament in August of 2022. This new law is set to go into effect on September 1, 2022 and will require customers to pay an additional tax when purchasing luxury cars, aircraft, and boats. Businesses that purchase, import, or export these luxury items […]