I can assist in a wide range of sales tax matters, including:

Tax Compliance:

  1. Completing Sales Tax Returns;
  2. Registering your business for GST / PST and any other applicable tax programs;
  3. Reviewing historical tax filings for Accuracy; &
  4. Filing amended returns to correct past errors or omissions.

Dealing with the Tax Authorities:

  1. Assisting with Government audits;
  2. Filling Objections for previously completed Government audits;
  3. Filing Voluntary Disclosures; &
  4. Seeking Technical Ruling Requests to obtain formal guidance from the tax authorities with respect to the application of the tax legislation.

Tax Planning and Advice:

  1. Reviewing your operations to ensure you are properly collecting taxes where required;
  2. Reviewing your methodologies for recovering tax – to ensure you are not missing any tax credits;
  3. Reviewing your organizational structure to ensure there is no tax leakage and to optimize cashflows;
  4. Providing opinions with respect to whether or not particular revenue streams are subject to tax; &
  5. Ensuring your accounting systems are properly setup to record taxes payable and receivable.;