How I Can Help


Having GST/HST or other Sales Tax Problems? You have come to the right place.

I have been helping clients address their Canadian sales tax issues for more than 17 years.  I have served as the Head of Tax for a publicly traded company with revenues in excess of $20 Billion annually, and I have been a partner in one of the largest professional advisory services firms in Canada.   I have personally witnessed tax reassessments in the millions of dollars because organizations did not know how to apply tax legislation.  I have also successfully filed refund claims in the millions of dollars for clients who did not know about all of the tax credits were available to them.

Sales Tax Advice

Canadian Sales Taxes such as the Goods and Services Tax / Harmonized Sales Tax,  Quebec Sales Tax as well as a wide array of Tobacco, Fuel and Excise Taxes are tremendously complicated and there is very little in terms of formal training in this area.  Let me help ensure your organization is compliant with its sales tax obligations so that you are not hit with an unexpected tax bill.

Recovery of Over-Paid Taxes

I believe every organization should pay their fair share of taxes, but not one penny more!  Let me help you determine if you have over-paid taxes, or missed opportunities to claim sales tax credits on your previously filed tax returns.

Government Audit Support

Have you been contacted by a government tax auditor?  Don’t know where to start?   I can help.

Next Steps…

If you have sales tax concerns or would like to know more about recovering over-paid taxes reach out today to discuss how I can help you.